Coconut Oil Chocolates- Fantastic Food Friday

In honor of Valentines Day, I had this great post planned about the benefits of chocolate and was going to share with you my favorite homemade chocolate recipe. But if you know me in real life, you probably know I was in an accident on Monday. Baby and I are fine, but everything I had planned for this week sort of went out the window! So I’m just going to share with you my favorite chocolate recipe instead, ok?

It’s super easy. AND it’s clean eating. YUM!

However. It is not my recipe. So, I am going to tell you the ingredients, and then you have to go check out Things My Belly Likes to get the full recipe.

Anyway. All you need is coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Seriously. Go check it out.

You can make them in mini muffin tins, with liners, but I like making mine in silicone molds. But keep the chocolate in fridge, or it will melt!


Don’t they look yummy?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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