Please Spray Responsibly!

This has been bothering me for a couple weeks. Several weeks ago I was in a waiting room and was flipping through a magazine (Women’s Health I think, but I’m not positive). There was an article on perfume and how to choose the right one and how leaving your scent behind when you leave a room was sexy.

I don’t have anything against perfume. I enjoy smelling good. I like the smell of my husband after he’s freshly showered and shaved. I like just washed laundry and that new baby smell. I like NOT smelling bad body odor.

I do however, have a problem with people wearing SO much perfume or cologne that people gag when you walk by. I do have a problem with strong, lingering scents, especially flowery ones.

And I am KNOW I’m not the only one. I have recently seen signs at various doctor’s offices asking people to refrain from wearing perfume and scented lotions, due to complaints. Churches are asking that you not wear them to services because of complaints.

It may seem like such a little, silly thing, but when you have headaches, migraines and allergies triggered by others perfumes, it becomes a big deal. When someone’s breath is taking away and causes an asthma attack, it’s a big deal.

Yeah, I’m complaining, but mostly because I think the article was irresponsible and insensitive to a lot of people. It was basically saying “wear so much people won’t forget you!” Leaving your scent is NOT sexy. It can cause major problems for some people. If you choose to wear perfume or cologne, PLEASE SPRAY RESPONSIBLY! People should have to be pretty close to you in order to smell your perfume and cologne. It should not be overwhelming.

And remember, just because YOU can’t smell it, doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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