Life gets in the way…

School is done. I have a stove again. Garden is being sorta planed. Looking forward to eating clean again.

It’s so easy to grab connivence foods or run through the drive through when things get busy. I need to remember that the busy times are part of life and there are no excuses. You can’t stop life until you get to your perfect weight. And even if I could , it’s unlikely I would maintain that weight. I need to be better prepared, especially with baby just 4 weeks away!

Life doesn’t “get in the way”. It’s all part of life, no matter what is going on.

Here’s to challenges, victories and learning to keep my goals in the front of my mind!


Still no internet

Due to a bunch of screw ups, I still don’t have internet at the new house.

Since it’s hard to write blog posts from my phone, it will be at least another week. I also can’t access comments so if yours hasn’t posted yet, I’m so sorry! This mama ain’t happy!

Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, tell me… What’s the one dish you always hope your mama makes when you go home?

I guess I don’t have a favorite thing anymore… My mom is a fantastic cook. But when I was a kid, I loved her Greek chicken. Look for the recipe in a future Fantastic Food Friday!


Sorry, no Fantastic Food Friday post today. We’ve been packing like crazy and tomorrow is the big day.

But since I looooove food…. You tell me! What’s your fantastic food this week?

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