Phew. Life! I just finished my 3rd semester as a dietetic student. I had a food science class that took nearly every waking moment. It wasn’t hard, just a lot of work. And I never want to bake muffins again.

I also had a checkup with my doctor. The tumor on my pituitary gland has doubled in size. That’s not good. The largest side is now 10mm and there is now concern that my vision may be impacted if it’s not treated. Thankfully, surgery is last resort and medication will be used. Unfortunately, I am unable to continue breastfeeding while taking it. So, that last few weeks have been spent weaning Vivian. Luckily, she takes the bottle great, it’s more my problem quitting than hers! It’s a hard, hard thing to quit, but I’m starting to feel closure. We are only nursing about two to three times a day (down from 8+!)

We totally feel off the clean eating wagon and got ran over by it. Convenience reigned king in my kitchen the past few months. So I am on a quest to find super easy, quick REAL FOOD MEALS for the next semester. I can’t keep eating crap. I just can’t. I feel miserable. Krissy is pica-ing more and more and Amelia’s rashes are getting worse.

I’m taking three classes next semester. I hope it won’t be crazy, but it probably will! I’m definitely going to need to work on balancing life, school, family and health. Going to be working on putting my goals into words for 2015 in the next week. Health is going to be my number one priority!

I had another article published at SuperKidsNutrition! This one is on pica in preschoolers. Check it out!

We got a dog! His name is Frankie. He’s a husky mix and is a rescue. He’s totally smiles in his sleep.

me and frankie

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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