It’s HARD.

Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard.

Losing weight is hard.

It’s hard taking the time to plan meals and snacks.
It’s hard knowing I’m doing the best I can with little to no results. Like eating darn near perfect, working out 4 times a week and losing 2 pounds. In two months.
It’s hard trying to motivate myself to go to the gym.
It’s hard looking in the mirror and not liking what I see.
It’s hard feeling guilty after allowing a treat.
It’s hard being afraid that allowing a certain treat (usually something high in fat) will send me into a downward spiral that could potentially undo months of hard work.
It’s hard knowing others are judging you because they think you lack self-control.
It’s hard hearing “I just cut out pop and lost 20 pounds in 2 months” when it takes me 2 years to lose that much.
It’s hard knowing that I have a tumor that messes with my hormones that causes an extremely low weight loss or even weight gain if I don’t eat enough protein.

It’s HARD.

I’m learning to look beyond the scale. My cravings are going away, although I still have them time to time. I’m learning to deal with emotions instead of feeding them. I’m learning exercise helps with depression. I’m learning more about my body, how it responds to certain things. I’m learning it’s not about what the number is, but how healthy I am.

If you are feeling discouraged, take the time to list some reasons how you know you are getting healthier, even if the scale isn’t moving.

Here is my list.

1. waist to hip ratio. Under 0.8 is my goal.
2. craving healthier foods, like veggies and fruit instead of candy and chips!
3. regular exercise
4. more energy
5. pants fit
6. decrease in joint pain, especially my knees!
7. decrease in illnesses

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What is in Season When in Michigan

Ever notice how something’s just TASTE better certain times of year? It’s not your imagination, there are some fruit and veggies that are better in certain seasons than others. Not only do they taste better, but they are often cheaper because there is an abundance of it!

March is National Nutrition Month and the theme is Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right. What better way to enjoy the pure taste of something than to enjoy it in season? So, I’ve compiled a list of what is in season when, but this is for Michigan, because that’s where I live and will be most useful for me. However, a quick google search will have you finding websites in no time for your area!

Now, most lists I found is listed alphabetical. That’s great. If you are looking for what month something is harvested in. But I want to know what is in season in March! So this list is sorted by season, then by month. I hope you find this helpful!


Rhubarb May- June Late Spring to Early Summer
Strawberries June Summer
Blackberries June-July Summer
Cherries, Tart July Summer
Blueberries July-Aug Summer
Apricots July-Aug Summer
Cantaloupe July-Aug Summer
Cherries, Sweet July-Aug Summer
Peaches July-Sept Summer to Early Autumn
Raspberries July-Sept Summer to Early Autumn
Apples Aug- Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Asian Pears Aug- Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Watermelon Aug-Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Pears Aug-Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Muskmelon Aug-Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Nectarines Aug-Sept Late Summer to Early Autumn
Plums Aug-Sept Late Summer to Early Autumn
Grapes Sept-Oct Autumn


Asparagus April -June Spring – Early Summer
Arugula May-Sept Late Spring to Early Autumn
Chard May-Sept Late Spring to Early Autumn
Peas (sugar) June Late Spring to Early Summer
Kale June- Nov Summer to Autumn
Beets June- Oct Summer to Autumn
Turnips June-Nov Summer to Autumn
Radishes June-Oct Summer to Autumn
Spinach June-Oct Summer to Autumn
Lettuce June-Sept Summer to Autumn
Onions, Green June-Sept Summer to Autumn
Cucumbers, salad July-Sept Summer to Early Autumn
Summer Squash (yellow Squash) July-Sept Summer to Early Autumn
Zucchini July-Sept Summer to Early Autumn
Beans, green and snap July- Oct Summer to Mid Autumn
Cabbage July- Oct Summer to Mid Autumn
Carrots July- Oct Summer to Mid Autumn
Eggplant July-Oct Summer to Mid Autumn
Peppers July-Oct Summer to Mid Autumn
Celery July- Dec Summer to Winter
Corn, Sweet Aug-Sept Late Summer to Early Autumn
Cucumbers, pickling Aug-Sept Late Summer to Early Autumn
Broccoli Aug-Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Cauliflower Aug-Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Tomatoes Aug-Oct Late Summer to Mid Autumn
Onions Aug-Jan Summer to Winter
Potatoes, white Aug-Mar Summer to Winter
Parsnips Sept-Oct Autumn
Pumpkins Sept-Oct Autumn
Sweet Potatoes Sept-Oct Autumn
Butternut Squash Sept-Dec Autumn to Winter
Acorn Squash Sept-Dec Autumn to Winter
Rutabagas Sept-Nov Autumn to Winter
Brussels Sprouts Oct-Nov Autumn


I realize this isn’t the prettiest list. I’m still working on really learning WordPress. So.. if you want an easier to read, printable list you can download it!
In Season Produce for Michigan PDF

I'm Blogging National Nutrition Month

Clean Eating Principles

I talk a lot about clean eating. This is what I try to do each day. In a nutshell, clean eating is eating whole foods as close to nature as possible and includes lean proteins, plenty of vegetables and fruit, whole grains and healthy fats. But clean eating is more then just eating the “right” things. It’s a lifestyle based on the following principles.

Eat five to six times a day.
* Three meals, two to three snacks. This prevents the afternoon slump. Don’t skip breakfast either!
*Eat a lean protein and a complex carb (from fruit or vegetable) EVERY time.

Drink at least two to three liters (about 8 to 10 cups)

Limit or avoid overly processed and refined foods.
*Clean foods typically have no more than 5ish ingredients and are made from real, whole foods with no chemicals.

Eat healthy (natural) fats.
*We need fat to function- it’s used for absorbing and storing certain nutrients, protecting organs and our cell membranes are made of it.
*Limit saturated fat and avoid trans fat.
*Get healthy fats from fish, nuts, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and butter (cream should be the only ingredient in butter)

Know portion sizes and stick to them.

Shop local and choose organic whenever possible.
*Garden if you have space, if not make use of your farmers market.
*Choose produce that is in season.

Plan, plan, plan!
*Make a meal plan for the week.
*Pack a cooler for work/school with snacks and lunches.
*Prep snacks so they are available to grab and go.


Picture from my mom, Karla Reed

Hello, 2014!

I have not been consistent in blogging. Sorry about that. I’ve had babies and final exams on the brain. And now here I am with a new blog! You will be glad to know I am setting some goals for 2014 that includes blogging on a more regular basis and I will hopefully be expanding to more of a lifestyle posts. My ideas for lifestyle will include posts on how I am getting organized, pregnancy, and what it means to find balance in living well.

So, why not start with establishing some goals?

1. Blog More.  As I’m still a pretty busy mom, I am shooting for one post a week, with an additional awareness post each month. I got a new blog planner- and now a new blog (since I finally got fed up with having access only half the time!)- that I am hoping will help with this.

2. Get Organized! Those who know me well know I am not the world’s greatest housekeeper. This affects me greatly- it distracts me, it depresses me and it embarrasses me.

I’ll be tackling this area by implementing FlyLady. My problem is that I get so overwhelmed I get stuck and don’t know what to do or where to start. She says “You can do anything for 15 minutes.” Part of her system includes creating routines that keeps you up on the day to day little things. To be clear- I clean my house- as in I regularly clean the bathroom and do laundry and sweep ect… but it is cluttered. Very cluttered. We have too much stuff. And when you start out on FlyLady you focus on getting rid of the clutter.

I’ve tried FlyLady in the past and it sort of worked. But I only sort of did it too. I rushed the baby steps because I wanted it done NOW! This time I am committed to doing one step a day and following her directions. I will do it like she says and make sure my habits are fully formed instead of rushing ahead to get my house looking nice, but not really having any substance to keep it that way!

3. Meal Planning.  I swear by meal planning. It helps keep eating clean, as well as budget our food money better. I’ve gotten away from that and it is reflected in our dinner choices as well as our bank account! I am going to try something new, and plan a month out ahead of time. I’ll be implementing some tools for this- better tracking of sales and using coupons, scouting out some new recipes, and using the Clean Eating Magazine meal plans and guidebook I have. This will also help me stay wheat free.

4. Matthew 6:33  (But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.) This is by far the most important one but will probably share the least about. Mostly because I feel quite vulnerable in this area.

2014 is going to be busy and exciting. What are you looking forward to in 2014? What are your goals? Tell me in the comments!

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