Balancing Diapers

Finding a balance when it comes to wellness can be tricky. But balance is why I even considered giving up my beloved cloth diapers for a while.

You see, I was feeling overwhelmed keeping up with the laundry and the house and cooking and…. With a newborn that wants to eat constantly, and a 3 and 5 year old that need attention too, I felt like I was drowning.

When you feel like that, it’s time to step back and reevaluate. Realigning our budget was easy. Reconciling the effects of environment or my mental health was a bigger challenge. Ultimately, I decided that handling my risk of anxiety and depression needed to be addressed first. In our family, an overly stressed out mom is not a good mom. So that meant taking some things off my plate.

Yeah, I feel a little guilty every time I toss a diaper into the garbage, but I also breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day when I don’t have another load of laundry to do. Finding balance in living well might mean giving something up that’s good. And that’s okay. Finding balance in living well means making it work for you.

I’m not giving up on cloth diapers completely, though. We’ll try it again in a few months when we’ve had a little more time to get used to being a family of 5.


Mount Washmore

Have you had to give up something healthy or good to live even healthier? What is something that you might need to give up in order to find a better balance?


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